Monday, September 04, 2006


Yeah, I got suckered into the crayon box jacket. My base is Rowan's Summer Tweed. I had an old discontinued color(the dark blue) that I bought in the eighties. I had made a shell out of it, but really wanted to use it in a sweater. Well, the new colorways just screamed at me to make it besides the fact that they are still making this yarn.

Then I bought some of that yarn that looks like it is made of interfacing, but has what looks to be squiggles of embroidery floss sewn on top so it hangs on it rather decoratively (the pale green, rust and pale blue fluffy looking balls).

Plus I am adding my fav, kiogu, P114(far right middle). I could go on and on about how addicting this is for me and how I just can't wait to do the next mitred block. Check out this great Yahoo Group site for the Crayon Box Jacket, to join it. There are some great looking jackets on this site.

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