Thursday, February 22, 2007


Fiber Trends "Hellen's Favorite Socks" using the Straight Mock Cable Cuff and Sockotta by Plymouth Yarns in color 18. Loved the pattern, but did the heel in eye of the peacock for added strength. I thought the color would be great for wearing with jeans and, yep, they are nice, very pleasing to the old eye. I'm lovin' them, they have a nice soft cushy feel. My toes are warm with 40% wool, I'll have to see how well that wicks the moisture. I love my socks straying dry, so this will be a test. I will have to report back later on this element of satisfaction.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice sock! I knitting a sock with a similar pattern, but it is a baby cable. Is it k2tog, leave it on the left needle and then knit the first stitch, then purl 2?