Thursday, April 19, 2007

Flowers and Socks

Boy, some people just have too much time on their hands to come up with cauliflower sheep with olive heads.

I whipped up these socks for the 5280 Sock Challenge. I started 4/17/07 and finished 4/18/07. Here's the scoop on the socks:
Plymouth Encore Worsted
Book:"Knitty Gritty Knits,"
Pattern: "SOCK IT TO ME," designed by Karen Baumaer
Needles: Clover 7" DPN size 7
The fastest pair of socks I have ever made and the fit is spectular!

Since it's spring, and the flowers are blooming, I was inspired to crochet some emblishments, for what? I do not know, just tryin' to let the creativity flow.

And then, while I was doing a photoshoot of some of my "vintage stuff", I came across this skirt my grandmother made me while I was in high school. I think I wore it only once or twice, I never could find anything I liked to wear with it. I wonder if Stitchy would get a kick out of it?

I can't believe I had my "Pincushion" flower blooming already? I have never had it bloom this early. Maybe it's because I moved it to a sunnier spot!

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Deneen said...

We made a bunch of those sheep at a kids program last year and the black eyed peas didn't stick correctly and we had to use toothpicks for legs, but they were cool (not nearly as pretty as those)

Socks look super!