Friday, April 13, 2007

The Amish or Values, Tones and Contrasts

"Fairy tales interests me as a manifestation of pure art, perhaps the very first instance of art detaching itself from real life, and also because - like pure art - they enhance reality, remarking it in their own likeness, separating good from evil, and bringing all fears and terrors to a happy conclusion."
From: A Voice From The Chorus - Abram Tertz {1925-1997} Russian writer and dissident

I was looking at Nita Leland's site and blog and linking her up. She's an old acquaintance. If you ever get a chance to take any workshop from her, do, it will inspire the creativity out of your heart, soul and mind. Her book on "The Creative Artist", "Exploring Color" and the Exploring Colot Revised Edition is a must for any type of artist. Cara, over at January One has been inspiring the good stuff out of lots of folks in the blog-o-sphere, which has led me back to Nita.

Cara was having a problem with two of her mitered squares. I suggested to her to grayscale her photo(make it black and white) and that would give her insight into the tonal/values/contrasts of the project in whole. A new way to look at what might need to be done. But there is also the idea that the Amish came up with about making one square of their quilts wrong, so as not to offend God, I love that idea, especially for the mitered afghans. Kinda black and white, right and wrong, spic and span floors. I stand corrected by Deneen over at Yarns and Musings, "It's not just quilts - it's all their work, when something goes wrong, I just tell my husband - It's my Amish version!"(paraphased).

So which is it? I like the Amish idea, it makes life simple and exquisite. I find the less time I muse with something the better it comes out, and usually my first choice is the right choice!


Deneen said...

Everything the Amish make has one "mistake" because "no one is perfect except God"-Whenever I finish something and notice a slight off stitch, I tell my husband it's my Amish version.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Now I can keep my red square, even if it's off a little bit. This is such a great lesson for me, being that I'm such an awful perfectionist.

Mimi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your generous compliments. Actually my knits are full of imperfections. And I normally convince myself that they are good enough.
Your baby layettes are lovely and so nice to keep as memory. Also, I am so impressed by your smocked clothing. Truly an artist!