Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No crabapples this year?

Hubbie got this cool stainless steel exhaust pipe w/tailpipe for his PT Cruiser, got it on before all this snow! He could wait to take me for a ride. He told me how it sounds like a Harley now! So I went and I have to agree, it's pretty cool. Plus, it will save on gas. But, it's not too loud and there is some vibe, and what a cool little end pipe (at top of box).

Since he got something, I talked him into taken me shoppin'. We went to my local Joann Fabrics and he got me some books with my 50% off coupons, yeah, more money to spend on good yarn and stuff.

Here's the snow we got after two days of rain. Wonder if we'll have crabapples, I could honestly do without the mess, and am not into jellies, but the flowers are so pretty while they last.

So, I found this mistake on a top down sock, clear up at the top border and think I may have to film myself fixin' it. It's something I have prided myself about. But it's late night and I will have to wait for some good light in the morning. I have been drooling over my new books, readin' 'em like they were a dirty novel or something explicit, with lots of ooohs and ahhs, sighs, moans and groans (I can't believe I read cookbooks the same way)! Enough already....I must get some shut eye, and plan a video, this ought to be good. Then, there sits below, next to the books, that old jaywalker I am still trying like heck to get goin' now that the mistake is understood. I wish she had said repeat rows one and two of the pattern like everyone else, duh!

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YarnThing said...

Hey, how do you like the knitting nature book? I almost bought that when we were at the Harlot but changed my mind at the last minute.

You gotta let me know!


P.S. Sorry about the crabapple tree