Friday, April 06, 2007


My day started early. I arrived at the Lamb Shoppe having to get some new size two dpns for my sock. Man, I am so hard on those bamboos. So I am thinkin', I have some time to knit here in a very cozy chair and I'll just wonder down around four o'clock or so. Well, change in plans, Mary Carol (the coolest red head) informed me someone had called and the line was already starting and she said she would drive me down, not to take the bus. What a sweetie!

My sock and I made it around 3:30 pm to be twelfth in line, first row seats, I asked persons ahead of me to hold up their socks and they complied!

I sat, knitted and finished this Paton's SWS (Free Vogue Pattern stuffed in a magazine) hat done for the Harlot's collection. I meet some really nice, friendly knitters and we did the usual of touching, feeling, ooooooing and ahhhhhhing over wip and fo's. At one point a youngin'(skipping her CSU Pre-Vet class) collected $$$ for pizza and TSF/KWB.

Then Sylvia Montoya and her cutie son (yep, he knits) arrived and more fun began. She owns POSH on Tennyson. She was in charge of collecting hats. She collected a nice assortment of hats for Stephanie. This was what was collected when I left, but I am sure many more were donated. The place was packed holding 200 first come first served. But lots of celebs were there, like Eunny Jung(new editor of Interweave Knits) and Amy Clark Moore (editor of Spin-Off). A lot of designers were looming around, too.

The Harlot describe her over all feeling of weakness (altitude sickness) first off and I just had to do the shout out, "Rocky Mountain High," -she replied and laughed. I was tempted to say, "Wait to you get a beer buzz goin' "(in other words, it doesn't take much to get one in this altitude), but I knew someone would explain the process.

Then the Bohus, yes, size two needles, remember to click on the picture to see it up close and personal....

She is, by far, the wittiest person I have ever read, heard or met. We laughed, we cried, some of us hissed (the downgrading of crocheters), got mad at the moggles, did a standing ovation because "ALL THE YARN BELONGS TO US". She kindly took me up on the offer of a protein bar (Balance Gold) and I saw many had brought her goodie foods. So I was out of there pretty fast....not really, I had to linger and just watch, yep, I'm a looker. If I had felt better, I would have stayed longer. I will have to show more pic later. I also got some video, and once i get that edited, well, you know.....wait, see.....

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