Friday, May 25, 2007

Today is the Day!

Yes, my friends today tis the day to CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! Dance to the music! Celebrate What? That has been the question I have been asking, but no one seems to get it, but have come very, very close! I am celebrating today by giving away some of my original art as shown in previous posts! But you still need to at least try and guess what I am CELEBRATING!

I was so inspired after doing the "Larkspur" painting yesterday, I decided to paint a picture for my very good friend, Patty. Patty has been with me through thick and thin! She's a true gift and blessing from God in my life the past few years. She loves me and accepts me for who I am and I truly appreciate her for taking the time to know me for who I am and what I am about! It's a rare a precious thing to have someone take interest in another and to take time to develop a deep, true friendship that is of mutual interest aside from first impressions and vague notions or heresays! I thank God for having a friend like Patty in my life! Patty, here is your sunflower, I have titled it "Patty's Sunflower."

Back to the CELEBRATION! Tonite, around 8:00pm MST, I will announce what this has been all about! Please keep trying guessing, I love to give away gifts, and if no one gets it, you will still qualify for a gift - did I mention there's a skein of my favorite color of Koigu with a free hat pattern I designed(that's what the pic of me are about)! It was first inspired by the lovely Koigu yarn. Then I saw the pattern, Dragon Scales and fell in love with it! One day, it just came all together, I could use the yarn that I had been searching for practically my entire adult life (since I was 17 and fell in love with yarn). Oh, the yarn a loverly mix which gives me the impression of a splocity tie-dye from the late 60s. And the dragons scale pattern, well, there's a story behind this: I was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon and always thought it would be cool to wear something dragony, but I am so picky about what I wear. See being a Christian and being brought up to not come across as being worldly or take on any symbols or signs, and then all the legalism involved, well, I think you get the picture? So, see? I can discretly wear this pattern and feel a whimsy of delightful thoughts of what a strong personality and traits of the dragon like creature I have, but still have the assurance of not being misjudged as something I am not! It is a good thing to sometimes pretend and go to some magical places in the mind, I hope you agree!

Keep those guesses coming, I am off today with Patty to do some stashing and will be back later!

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Anonymous said...

Those are great photos. You look so happy! And the painting and hat are wonderful.

Are you celebrating the day you became a Christian or the day you were baptized?