Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tomorrow Ends My Surprise Contest Another Clue

Well, I did not think this contest would end up surprising me, but it has! I think the clues (given out on the past Mondays and the late ones on some Tuesdays) were fairly easy and I had thought by now someone would have guessed. It is all easily found in my archives, which there not to many of since I haven't gotten serious about blogging until recent months! Please email at the above address to keep others guessing as some have!

Above are the doors to my bathroom vanity I painted not long ago! They are my favorite flower, the larkspur, which happens to also be my birthday flower! I did a nice short stint designing painted panels for Mountain Woods Furniture when I lived in Laramie, Wyoming. I will have to show you some of the photos I have, I just found them the other day and thought, wow, I should share those on my blog. I am in the process of doing a small painting of some larkspur which will also go into the prize kitty! Good luck and keep guessing, I have given another clue above!

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