Thursday, July 26, 2007

Okay, y'all, I started another group on Ravelry! Flower Power it is! So much fun going on there!!!!!

I have actually done something other than Socks for Soldiers last week! Ta-da, the Dream Swatch By Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic in Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy, sage! I love this! The Hempathy was so soft and drapey! It worked up beautiful, if I have to say so myself!!!!!! I love reading Wendy! She is just so darn funny! I can always go there to get a giggle. What a mind warp she is, now!

Back to Ravelry, I am so estatic that persons like Eunny Jang, Wendy Bernard, GFTC, and Heavenly Babies actually added me as a friend and there are tons more that I could so go on and on about!!! Then there is Leigh at Knit-errant, she is just blowing my socks off right now! Yes, I am one of the name dropping fools, I just love people and especially, right now, the ones I am meeting on Ravelry, WOW! I was told if yarn is crack, Ravelry is the crackhouse!!!! I believe it! I have got to get back to knitting, and talk about inspiration for crocheting, which by the way is my first love!!!!! Yep, that's what started it all! Crochet, one hook, one's hooked!!!!! I love giving compliments, and they are from the depths of my heart with great joy that I give them and wow, what a place to spread the joy I feel when I see a thing of beauty!!!!!

Oh and the fun in the below posts are courtesy of another fav blogger, newly met on Ravelry, My Heart Knits. What a sweetie!


Pooch said...

Gorgeous scarf--wow! Sounds like you're have a grand time on Ravelry. Everyone who finally makes it past (passed?) the velvet rope announces their joy! I'm looking forward to MY embossed invitation! Only about 8,000 to go til I get mine!

Anonymous said...

Hello, fellow Ravelry mate, this is a very pretty scarf! See 'ya in the neighborhood!

FaeryCrafty said...

I love the stitch pattern! Very pretty :)