Friday, July 13, 2007

Strange than Fiction

I love Stanger than Fiction ! What a fun quirky movie. But then look at what knitters have been up to!

Okay, I really want to give credit where credit is due, so if any of you all know who knit the ladder back chair and the rolling pin, please send me the link so I can, well, you know, give credit
Okay, we saw the Giant Glove for her hand chair by Needles and Hooks (Amy) put out!!!
Now looky!
Lauren Porter - Twelve Miles of YarnThe things people are up knittin' nowadays! It's just not your grandmothe'rs knitting, now is it! Yeah, I know, that's been said before. God help us, what is next on the menu? I am dying to see more stuff like this.


Hege said...

I love stranger than fiction, too, a very unexpected movie! The chair is so funny! But I have no idea whose it is.

Kari said...

I never saw the movie, Stranger than Fiction...but it did look good! I love the chair with the mitten on it.