Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Thrill is Gone

Okay, now! This weekend was could have downhill fast on Saturday. I had long awaited going to the Stitch 'n Pitch Colorado Rockies game against L.A.Dodgers. I thought it was Friday nite, but got postponed to Saturday, and then I booked my husband and I to serve on the tech crew at church Saturday nite. I was furiously calling at 3pm to get replacements and just knew the chances were slim to none. None. I conceded, I even was trying to give my tickets away to people I knew were going, and failed. I did have this calm and knew, God must really want me at church. I told hubbie and we went. I was really bitting the bullet on the ticket, though, wow, I could have had yarn!!!!!! But, man, did I ever I need this lesson.

Hubbie and I had been discussing Ravelry and how I couldn't believe how two weeks had blown right by me. My habits had changed. I was addicted to Ravelry! I was realizing how persons could do this! I really needed to get my head straight and confessed to hubbie and a few others what was happening. I was even quoting what someone had written me, "If yarn is crack, then Ravelry is the Crackhouse!" I thought it was so cute and clever! And still do! But, this week, I am limiting myself to Ravelry and get back to the simplicity true happiness. Yeah baby, the thrill is gone, but still a fav! And it was clear hubbie was not happy! He was warning me about the dangers of getting addicted to the internet and how it was not reality.

The Pursuit Of Real Happiness Part 1(yes, you may click here to see the video I helped taped) Yes, I feel to my knees, repented and was filled with joy! You see, I am one of those enthusiatic believers!!!!!

So this morning, I get this return call from the Rockies!!!! They want to know if I would like them to mail me my two bags of goodies from the game and if I want to exchange the tickets and I had six choices, YES, HUBBIE AND I ARE ENTHUSED THAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE THE ROCKIES PLAY SAN FRANCISCO ON LABOR DAY!!!!!!! Barry Bonds, wow! Do I feel blessed? Oh, yeah!

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Abigail said...

You are so right about Ravelry. It is a Crackhouse. And I must be "good" too. I could look at socks and sock patterns all day.

I have limited my time on it as well. Only after all my 'sponsibilities are done and for only an hour. Between that and blogging is more than enough time on the box.

Shall we pray for balance in all things?