Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday Nites are good in Denver

First I stopped in a Coppelia's Shivering Sheep, Shellie, the propietor had called me to tell me she would like me to teach a sock class! She also informed me of a new shipment of Lime and Violet! Here's the new stash!

Then I headed over to Lamb Shoppe I got there early, 5-ish, so I could get settled in and shop before it got to crowded to feel the contemplateive mood I need to shop. I bought this Ziton Trekking Pro Nature. I started another group a couple of week ago on Ravelry, Zitron Groupies! I have to tell you there had to be over 40 people in there knitting and crochet, young and old alike! It was sheer heaven! I hopped around having to check out what everyone was making! It all never ceases to amaze me what people are thinking, making and saying! Alot of persons were very gracious and generous with their compliments on my Modern Quilt Wrap! One of the owners had me show her how I was adding on a new sqaure and the lovely decrease the pattern offers! I was telling everyone I call it my Peruvian/Amish/Rasfarian colorway!

This morning on Ravelry, Rosemary Hill invited me to the Muir group, to do a KAL! I was thrilled because I needed to find something for this Interlacements DYERS CHOICE fine boulce that I purchased last winter of 07. I think it will look stunning. Rosemary, aka Romi on Ravelry is a true inspiration in my live right now! Along with a few others!

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Deneen said...

I can't believe all the wonderful fiber opportunities you have there-me, I have NOTHING but Joann, Michaels and AC Moore!