Monday, October 01, 2007


i STARTED YET ANOTHER GROUP ON RAVELRY!!! This one is Colinette. Its for people who see it, love it, stash it. covet it! I think/know it's going to be very inspirational!!!

When I was looking for a contrasting jitterbug to use with my toscana to make Joelle's ripple scarf from her book, Last Minute Gifts I thought, why in the world is there not a Colinette group already on Raverly?

So I have this nicely hand wound ball of toscana, should i go with Monet, Dusk, Gauguin or Jewel? I am already ruling out Jewel. I want more green in this! Whadayathink?

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Artis-Anne said...

Sooooo glad you started the group seeing as I do knit rather a lot of Colinette's yarns . Well living here in the wilds of Wales its my nearest LYS and the sale room is heaven . I have a few photos on my blog of various visits there ;)