Saturday, October 27, 2007


No, we did not get tickets, but am glad to know(via the web) someone who did!

Good news, I have been waiting two years to teach folk art painting at my local Joann's and I am finally in!!!! I just got done teaching part two of a three part series on quilting! I just finished teaching a reupholstery class! I am SOOOO feeling good about finally getting in to teaching quilting and painiting this semester!!!!

I put in a huge lace order to Knit Picks for Gossamer, Shadow, Alpaca Cloud, and Shimmer! 18 balls of yarn for $48+something!!!! It came Saturday, now the winding begins!

Saturday I helped my girlfriend break down her dichroic jewelry display at my church's craft fair and I purchased some lovely things, a necklace, book mark, cellphone charm! I will have to show and tell more about these items!

See, I went shopping at Colorful Yarns. I broke down and bought yarn for Lady Eleanor! I have been researching for this for a couple of years! I believe I found something very tasteful and light weight- Jojoland Harmony in HC06!!!!! I chose the dark color due to practicality!

Ariel posted on Denver Downtown SnB Yahoo Group about yarn that glows!

I am so glad the Rockies won the NBL Pennant! Did I tell you I lived 40 miles out our Boston for a few years? I had the most wonderful job running a mega SoFro Fabrics! It was one of the best jobs I have ever had! I did become attached to the Red Sox, so I can't be sad about them winning the World Series, but I am sad the Rockies lost! The games really stressed me out for some reason! It was like watching a scary suspense movie for me! I am trying to relax now and come back to ground!


Deneen said...

The yarn colors are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see the FO.

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