Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rockies, Louve, Elizabeth, quilting

ROCTOBER is what they are dubbing it around here! Our farmboys are the Cinderfellas of the MBL!!!!! I am so loving this, baseball is my all-time fav sport, then hockey! Denver was a Rockin' down in lodo last nite, I think there was only one arrest reported that I have heard. The brooms were sold out of all the stores! Nice sweep boys!!!!

My sister-in-law was in town for her birthday and we took her to the Lourve exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. I got to see one drawing of my all time fav artist, Albrecht Duher. You may recognize his bunny below! Then I was facinated by Lady Pompadour and saw this lovely painting of her. She also had a lovely set of vases next to her painiting. Listening to the video I was intrigued and had to laugh finding out about a party she was giving. Her garden was not prepared and was a muddy mess. She had porcelain flowers placed due to her gardener telling her it would not be ready. When the gardener came to work the next day, he saw what she had done and watched her sprinkling her porcelain garden with parfum! Now that's some trivia for you!

We went out for Chinese, onto Sat. Nite Worship service, and then I treated Mary and I to Elizabeth, The Golden Years. Check out her rags!!!!! I loved the blue velvet bolero over the blue silk gown, what a nice color of blue! Then she gets dressed up in armor for the coolest battle scene of the burning of the Spanish Armada! The quilt top is coming along nicely!

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