Saturday, December 15, 2007

What's been cookin'?

This week's musical at church (the third of a four part series called "Journey to Bethlehem") is based on the Victorian time period. Yesterday I finished paper mache ham quarters and fish for stage props. I did the front facade of the far right building with assembly help. That night before I started coming down with chills and fever and took some Zicam Cold Remedy, echinachea with goldenseal, one aspirin, two fish oil and I pretty well knocked it before it got out of hand, I haven't been able to eat much, but that's a plus - especially after last weeks dessert blowout appreciation thingy. If you click on the group pic, you can see one of the two chocolate fountains! When we walked in the doors, there was the amazing smell of chocolate everywhere! This happened last Sunday night. We were also entertained by a very funny comedian who had appeared on Last Comic Standing!

A couple of weeks ago I finished my version of Mag Kandis' Modern Quilt Wrap. I call it my Amish/Peruvian/Rastafarian Shawl. The corner black and white square represents the Amish thing of not making something "perfect" because you do not want to offend God. I was down in the Cherry Creek District at Coppelia's Needlepoint and The Shivering Sheep and the Original Dickens Carolers were out and about and came in and serenaded us. Very serendipitous for me since I have been working on a stage set depicting Victorian England!

While at Coppelia's I got some Lorna's Lace in the colors of my blog! I love it and don't quite know what to do with it, but a lovely lace scarf seems to be in order! Then I got three more Lime n' Violet sock yarn, I bought up the rest of the green colors and a special one! I made Shelly a shawl pin for her shawl I crocheted edging on. I made some necklaces and sold them immediately at the Rocky Mountain Smocker's Christmas Luncheon.

Last week's Christmas stage set at church was based on the 50's. I loved it! It so reminded me of my childhood. That is my sister Kathy on the left and me on the right. Yes, that is a real Harley Davidson cycle on stage, our pastor John Leach rides it! You can hear/upload the weekly message at JFC. How fun is this video I took of part of this so fun musical!


Deneen said...

I don't know how you fit it all in??

Corwink said...

I'm exhausted reading everything you have been up to. I figured you have been busy but this is crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Terri Lynn, I just got your gift box in the mail and I am just overwhelmed! WOW! I love the bracelet and stitch markers- they are so pretty. Thank you so much since i am pretty sure you made them and that makes them more special. I love the candles and the bath stuff - so pretty and it all smells so good. I ate the chocolate (gah!) and will have some tea tomorrow. And I will send you a proper thank you.
I have had such a busy and hard week at work and I was feeling sorry for myself b/c I was missing my baby son. So the package was SUCH a wonderful surprise. Liza

Aim said...

Love your quilted rastafarian amish thing! Great looking scarf :)
My, but you are a busy beaver!!