Monday, October 27, 2008

It's about time? Crowds and Babies

While at my daughter's, the day after Labor Day, I tripped over my own two feet and went flying into my son-in-law's pool table. I split my head open a half of inch above my hairline. I then fell on the rack holder(hook) and tore up my nose and left eyebrow. Then, to add insult to injury I landed flat on my nose. It was a bad morning. I didn't pass out, thank God! I cried out, "Jesus, there's a baby in this home!" I preceded to get up and head to the bathroom dripping blood all over the place. I tried to wipe it away, but knew a pressure wrap was in order. I could hardly see(no room for glasses) to make it back to living room and pick up my cell phone to scroll to my daughter's name. I was able to somewhat see it without glasses and all. I told her the baby was okay, but I had fallen and probably needed to go to the hospital to get some stitches. See, she gets really fainty like at the sight of blood, I was so very thankful I was able to warn her. I told her to call my brother since he lived closest to come and help. Well, she called my mom and my brother. Sarah showed up and got about six feet from me and had to go sit down in the kitchen, same with my mom, but my sister-in-law(go Sandy!) came right up and said, "Let me see." I told her it was bad, just to get me to the hospital, but she had to look. So she said, "Come on, let's go!" When we arrived to the emergency room entrance I told her I was good to walk myself in while she parked and did. I got lots of action, see, it was me in my favorite nightgown(short one at that, sob, daughter made me throw it away), lots of blood and a towel oh yeah and light green undies to match the gown. It was 7:45 am and I got out of there at 4pm with a pressure wrap. I jokingly remarked to gawkers, "Whose your mummy!" See, I am a person who doesn't really get upset with things and finds having a good sense of humor is the way to go...I just can't see getting all serious about some things. But then, I have my family, I dearly love. They all showed up and it soon became a circus. I saw my father walk by and said, "Hey, dad, here I am." He turned and fell. The whole ER was all over him and then my daughter appeared and I heard her say,"Oh my God, what is happening to my family!" Dad got mad at being fussed over and rose his voice to say, "Get out my way, or I will sue!" Boy, I had front row seat and everyone scattered immediately. Dad got up and came over with my brother(Tracy) and Tracy told me to cover up my twitchet! Well, great, I didn't know everyone walking by could see my undies. I was thinking to myself, at least I didn't wet them! So, later on her break from writing teaching plans, my sister visited and reminded me I would probably need plastic surgery. I told her it would all be okay. See, I am not really into looks, although I have fun making things to wear because I like the feel of things more, but color certainly plays a big part. I am also big on hats, so I figure, who's looking beyong my eyes and hat? Well, the stay in Illinois was extended ten days because the following Monday I had to get my nose rebuilt, it was shattered. I was more happy that I didn't have to go back on Amtrak. Silly me, I just thought it would be so cool to ride the rails to Illinois and back. Not! As soon as I got off the train pit and was greeted by Tracy, I looked at him seriously and told him, "Well, I can cross that off my bucket list!" If getting hurt was any consolation, getting to come home on a plane was worth it! That was Illinois.

I got back and then had to go to Tulsa. We were called that my father-in-law's health was failing. We were able to spend seven days and it ended with placing Dad in hospice. Dan, my hubby and I were understanding, but not of the same mind with the Dr. and the use of dalaudid. No wonder why they are against hospital doing euphanasia ... okay, I really do not desire being political here. My husband told them he predicted to the nurses at the facility he would pass within a week on that stuff, he held out eight days. We had a wonderful ceremony the following week(last Wednesday) to honor his life at a veteran's cemetery. The sun even came out of the rain to shine on his funeral.

So, I am finally home and trying some healing with whole foods for my nose and scars. I grew some comfrey this year in the garden. It's a beautiful and miraculous plant which the good Lord has provided us. When mashed with apple cider vinegar and applied one-half inch thick as a compress, it is suppose to heal broken bones. I applied it the recommended three hours today and my nose is so much less hurty to touch, but the sinus headache I have been having from my allergies has been stressing me. I then applied a pack of castor oil on flannel with heating pad to heal the scars and surpisingly, half of the swelling went down! My face is feeling much better. My joke has been, "My face hurts, I bet it's killing you!" Some people got it.

Well, I may post pics. Back to the surgery saga, my oldest son even flew in from Pennslyvania to see me off along with his sister prior to the surgery. Boy, nothing like waking up and having to get four shots of painkiller to get over it. Then the surgeon annouces to me, "It was worse than expected, you not only shattered your nose, you crushed it!" I replied, "How's it going to heal?" She said it would look just like it did, I just needed not to break it within a year and to stay away from crowds and babies! Ugh! I will just have to work around this!

I will have to show off some knitting real soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! You really do it up right when you do something, don't you!? I'll definitely say some prayers for quick healing :o)

Oiyi said...

OMG, that is horrible. I hope you a speedy recovery. Best Wishes.

Deneen said...

I just saw the post op pics (yes, behind on blog reading) and couldn't understand what happened and then I read how it happened and am shocked. It looks like a horrible car accident-my dear I hope you heal quickly and feel better.