Monday, April 20, 2009

I finally finished an heirloom baby blanket for my granddaughter, Lily Ryan, born last August. It was put off due to my injury. It is done with Elsbeth Lavold's Silky Wool in Eggshell. Lily received it right before Easter, yeah! I really enjoyed making this ripple(eer, feather and fan!) So elegant and classy! Now I see the spring issue of Vogue Knitting has a ripple dress, I am so thinking of doing this in black. I love the 360 degree shoot the ripple is the second view. My mother made one for my oldest boy and he wasn't into it, either was my second boy, but when my daughter found it, she went nuts! It was my daughter's blankie! Now, the tradition goes on! My daughter told me Lily took right to it!

I have offered to be an angel to my group, Granny Squares, on ravelry. I have made two squares each for three persons. I designed some and modified others using different finishes or colors. Chris Simon's Supernova was fun to make as was Suzan720's Ice Cave(I renamed Ice Cave Plunkin' due to the mods). I designed the Lotus and Dragonflies in the blue colors and the Pink Dragonflies.


Oiyi said...

Beautiful blanket! I am sure your grand daughter will treasure it. And the squares are very nicely done.

mono said...

So many beautiful sqares!! =)
And lovely baby-blanket! =)

Rima said...

Your baby blanket is so beautiful! Great texture.


Anonymous said...

Your blanket is very lovely! What a gift to give! I would love your opinion on my blog if you have some time to spare and look at it :) God bless,


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