Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Another Shawl, another pair of socks

Here's yet another shawl I finally got around to blocking. I made it the first 18 days in March. Stephen West's "Daybreak." It's part of the 10 Shawls in 2010, I call it "Red Dawn" yes, sailors, take warning.
I have been shopping for quilting materials and here's Marge's wall of fat quarters at Creative Needle. My hubby purchased me a sweet Elna 6005 Heirloom Quilter last October from Marge. I have been piecing quilts. I am fascinated with Kaffe Fasset's new line of cottons for quilting. I got me some visiting Knitty Cat. There are some more of Kaffe's designs for quilting over at one of my fav quilt stores, Holly Cabin Quilts.
Oh, yeah, the socks. I haven't made many since the summer I made 13 pair. I decided I needed a pair made with Noro Silk Garden, I love them with my Birk's. Very cozy they are.

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