Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Taos Wool Festival Bitterroot and Chevron

Here's my stash from attending the Taos Wool Festival. I bought more, but sold some to friends in my knitting group. I loved shopping at Brook's Farm and Plain and Fancy Sheep and Wool Co. I also got some nice laceweight downtown Taos at Weaving Southwest. I like my nice pretty spindle and look who got one too, Mary-Heather aka RainDayGoods and Sue aka Mango2oo on the I got to visit with Tara Jon Manning, I have and love her books, "Compassionate Knitter" and "The Gift Knitter." I finished my Ten Stitch Triangle and Bitterroot all the same day, yesterday! I finished the Chevron scarf on my trip to Sheridan, Wyoming! I have been getting around since the last post!


Deneen said...

Beautiful fo's, especially the Ten Stitch Triangle (I have such a thing for multi-colors)-gorgeous!

Ellen Bloom said...

Ooooo...Plain and Fancy wool is my FAVORITE! I was at the Taos Fest last year....what a wonderful time!