Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Here's a mess of scarves and hats, some sets, some for Christmas gifts, some for me!

The snow people are in business today, especially in Denver. I mailed these out this morning with the painting below to my daughter in Illinois. The airport closed and she won't get them for Christmas, but I had so much fun making them. The snowman's sign reads, "Snowflakes 2 cents, Icicles 3 cents." Snowgirl says "Snowball 1 cent."
Sarah - "I'll have a blue Christmas without you"
give me your best Elvis sneer- she was born the day Elvis died and I didn't realize it till three years later, I was sooooo At my precious daughter's wedding we toasted afterward. Being Irish, the father of the groom recited the poem "May the road rise to meet you..." A couple of years ago, I cross stitched her three samplers one called Irish Blessing, it still needs to be framed, another is a UFO and the cool one, done in gaelic type, I finished I can't even find the cover picture to scan and show you. In doing this blog, I did find more of these samplers to do for her "wall of samplers." But geting to the point, I dreamed and researched to find the subject matter for two years now and decided yesterday a lovely seascape with a road coming up to a cottage. I titled it "May the road come to meet ya". I painted it less than an hour.

RTD in South Metro Denver opens with Knit Spotting!

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