Sunday, January 07, 2007


In Tulsa, Oklahoma, here's a fun thing I did the day after Christmas. I went shopping at the best ever, highly recommended store in!
LOOPS it is...great....check it out Loops Yarn Blog. Shelly Brander ( a very nice person) turned me on to some great new yarn and clearance purchases! I love my Alp Premier # 31 New Green by Feza..when I arrived home I was online to find a pattern to put it to use and knew I wanted a new winter party scarf and I found a pattern from the Santa Barbara Knitting Studio Trish Designs. Now I am well on my way, but can't show you because my digi cam is down, and I mean down, thanks the Denver snow and our slippery driveway...poor hubby fell and with camera in hand, broke it.

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