Sunday, January 07, 2007


Nothing like Christmas stash and thinking of spring knitting to's the big purchase from LOOPS. I purchased $389.00 of yarn on sale for $149.00 tax included. From top left clock wise: 5 Colinette Firecracker in Monet 101, 5 Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk dk in navy (26008) designated as a scarf for my DSIL (the one who took me shopping for all this), a Classic Yarns RY Cashsoft Baby DK in a nice periwinkle blue, a Magico (the one with limey greens), Berroco Medley(to the right of Magico) in color 8915, a Feza Alp Premeire in new green. One of Colinette's new Jitterbug color toscana (I just love it because it is similar to my fave koigu p118, but with more green which is exactly what I wanted in the koigu...but it doesn' t have the spotty flecks of color which I so love in the koigu...) Three of Plymouth Yarn P-Zazz in 6205 and three of Muench Yarns (MY) Rockstar in Iris (something fun for spring).

I love irises and planted some for spring - seven different varieties in wonderful shades of blues with romantic names like Najahoe Blue, Pacific Reef, Ocean Waves, Midsummer's Night.....and here's last year's irises in all their glory....oooo, gotta get down to some serious spring awaits me... "Spring is nature's of saying "Let's Party
”-Robin Williams.

I have cabin fever sooooo bad...this Denver snow is getting to me. It actually frustated me to the point I could not knit for a week, and then I picked up the Alp Premier and started a party scarf. I pray this feeling doesn't last long...I just don't feel motivated...and yes, I am getting enough light and taking really good vitamins....I am really hip on nutrition....did I tell you I am writing a cookbook based on nutrition...hubby made me this great web page...40 30 30 for Life. I have been organic gardening for years and this is a great diet, you don't get hungry and exercise is not required, but good for you.

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