Monday, January 15, 2007


The Letter "L"
This is from
January One via Keep Talking.
The way this works is that you get a letter from someone and then you have to list ten things, themes, theories, etc. in your life that begin with that
letter. My letter is "L" so here goes.

1. Light: Einstien's theory of light , Who created light , I Saw the Light, Jesus is the light
When I was in a head on collision, I saw the light and at the end/beginning of the light was Jesus and I did not want to leave and as I came to I heard Him say to me, "I am not finished with you yet."
2. Love: "Love one another" I heard if you are busy doing this, you won't have time to break the 10 commandments.....
3. Live: Live forever This why I am so greatful for each day I live.
4. Laugh: Ecclesiates 3:
4 a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,....Like the Byrds sang: To everything turn, turn, turn. I have found extreme joy in finding humor in life and laughing out loud whenever, no matter what, I let it out and it feels really good.
5. Lace: I love lace especially on babies and brides, and chococlate lace endulges me. Lace is made so many ways, I especially love french and swiss laces on children's clothing.
6. Lamps: I love my work lamp. It not only lightens my fine needle work, but it brighten my day.
7. Lobster: My daughter gave us a Red Lobster gift card for Christmas. Yum Yum. I heard that lobsters are really giant cockroaches of the ocean floor, it's hard to think anythings so sweet and delictable could be an ordinary scavenger, but then so are chickens and with my carniverous teeth, yep, I am gonna eat them up. Thanks God for the humor I find in this.
8. Lucy: I Love Lucy, I think it's a great name for a pet, but my brother stole it after I told him....I used to call my dd "Lucy" - with her three brothers, she lived up to the Peanuts character, but on nite after going to bed w/gum she woke to a mess in her long hair, so I gave her a blunt cut and it curled up just like Lucy's and then she would go to play with her brothers and be soooooo bossy...I love you Sarah...don't be mad at me for telling on you...
9. C.S. Lewis: I love his books for children and Christian apologetics. I am currently reading "The collected Works of C. S. Lewis: The Pilgrim's Regress, Christian Reflections and God in the Dock. My favorite book of his is "The Screwtape Letters."
10. Lemon: I love the flavor, color and smell of lemon, and I especially love using lemon zest in recipes. My husband says he like me dressed in any shade of yellow. There's a very funny site called "HOLY LEMON."

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