Friday, February 16, 2007


Sheridan, Wyoming. It's is so beautiful, and yarn friendly. There are two shops I adore. I will tell you of one I spent some time in with lovely and welcoming owner, Kathy Crump.. Fiber House (the website is barely up and working) has an amazng assortment of practically all of my favorite yarns and them some I really need to know about. It was a very earthy store, not so much commercial, as it has a selection very fine yarns, tons of them. I only purchased the Estonian Garden lace shawl pattern by Evelyn Clark from Fiber Trends which I have been coveting for a few years. I have also been eying this one, Creatures of the Reef, on Jessimuhka Knits, and another one on Getting the Finishing Blues, and my fave that really wanted me to have this Knitting Sunshine , Enough said, how about shawls how about the pictures from the store? I didn't get a picture of the entryway, it was too dark, but it had tons of roving and some very nice kits for felting. she ven has a very nice assortment of silk ribbons and embroidery patterns, and patterns for felting on clothes. Yes, I was in yarn heaven.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like the perfect yarn shop. Lucky you to be able to visit it.