Saturday, March 24, 2007


The cold.... my head is under pressure. I wish the dam would break and there would be spillage and ruin, and that the sun would come out. It is very gray here today, unusual for South Metro Denver, which is sooooooo sunny and nice, the pic is as blurry as my head feels, but yes, that is my Saturday sky. We do need the rain and my crab apple tree is loving it(a little blurry too, but those white spots are huge rain drops. My tulips on the otherhand are snug and cozy under the eaves, nestled up nicely next to the garage and lovin' it....I wish I felt like they look, so green and vibrant. Well maybe not so green, but vibrant would do.

The front right side of my lacy summer sweater was done early this morning. and Stephanie wrote me from Unwind because I had to ask her if she was doing anything different on her Jaywalkers. I swear my decreases look way different from hers. Anyway, does anyone have any comments about this? I am slipping two stitches, knitting one and PSSsO. Same as Unwind's, is it me, or do they look different?

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