Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Last weekend I had fun going to an art gallery opening on Colfax. I spotted this glass piece and loved it, it reminded me of Frida Kahlo.

Yesterday, I trimmed deadhead roses which lasted all winter, I like the thought, last winter roses. I had to photo them, in all their glory, still a little pink after all that snow!

I also started a Cotton Ease lacey sweater. Since I can never ever find the perfect pattern for what I visualize, I am creating my own. I think I may have stumbled on to something, like creating a new lace pattern! This pattern is inspired by the discontinued color "pistachio." I love green and my girlfriend, Tamara, was loaded down, so I begged, explaining, my court cost me yarn money and I needed something for summer. Saturday nite we went to a Platter Chatter and discussed the cotton ease over dinner. Sunday, I made egg rolls, had Tam over, and she brought me the "green!" Does this have anything at all to do with St. Patty's Day? Well, originally he casted out snakes(evil spirits), so how did it get turned into what we consider it to be today? Sounds like it had to do with beer and a reason to celebrate something.

Today, my first daffodil bloomed. I cleaned and organized my "flowers" photo file. I feel pretty good even though I have caught something nasty in my throat and nose (hubby brought it home to me, how sweet). But, I felt well enough to get out yesterday and rake up winter's debris from the front yard.

I love knitting with cotton ease, it is so soft and kind of a spongy feel to it.

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Deneen said...

I like crocheting with Cotton Ease. Now you have given me another reason to learn to knit, it uses less yarn. I knew this, but hadn't thought about it lately (LOL). I could probably use the "good stuff" for the knitting projects.