Thursday, March 22, 2007


I finished smocking a wee-care gown last nite and today, I finished the back of my summer lace sweater.

Wow, the "star of bethlehem" bloomed. Spring is so into it. I worked in my flower bed today to see lots of green life springing forth. It's so good to see the hopes of things to come.

My smocking friend, Judy sent me this great site of the Cactus Cabler's Smocking Guild, wee-care gown, knitted hats and tiny hooded blanket wraps and plate patterns (from one of their newsletters). They have really outdone themselves with plenty of plates! They are all so precious.


Anonymous said...

Terri Lynn,
I'm a "smocker" from way back, learning in Canada from my mother, the Grace Knott style and patterns.
I'm now wanting to smock for my nephew's first born after many years of not smocking/knitting/sewing and I could use some advice as to where the smocking supply retail stores in Denver are? I don't know where you are located. Yours was the only mention of smocking I could find online. Any good links? Thanks.
Leslie Allen

Terri Lynn said...

Creative Needle on Broadway and Martha Pullen online. Also a google search for smocking plates and patterns will turn up a pleothera of sites. Please email me and I will send you more info.

Briana E. said...

What a lovely gown, wow. It looks so hard to do. I'm so impressed.