Monday, April 30, 2007

Clue 3 - How do you celebrate?

So I have been scanning old photographs and haven't been able to correct them much better than these - they were pretty bad to start. But this is my 1st birthday(I'm the one in the high chair) and my 3rd, yep, that's a three on the party hat!
Celebrate certaintly has a lot of meanings, especially under party. But none of them describe what I am up to for the contest I am running. I have surprise gifts, did I tell you? So how do you like celebrating and what do you think I am celebrating?


Deneen said...

Creativity, Art and Celebration-an art show unveiling.

I have always felt "art" is truly in the eye of the beholder-some just have more of a discerning eye.

I also believe creativity is in all of us and how we chose to channel it is in our hands.

Celebrations-as I have grown older, I have decided that everyday is a little celebration of life and I will force myself to cherish every second of it, even the not so great parts.

Anonymous said...

Where does originality come from? What is art? How do you celebrate?

I agree with Deneen, sounds like a launch of something wonderful...

Liza (not anonymous)