Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Last week I broke work on my summer lace sweater, I had to do those Caprice tanks and got really hooked (I am working on my third one(it's red).

On Friday I received this
dichoric (can't really see that part) pendant I made at the Parker Art Guild Art Show last month. The link above is a friend of mine who is sellng some great pieces on Ebay. Receiving the pendant is making me want to finish the summer lace sweater to wear with it.

I finished my Louise Harding Kimono Ribbon tank on Sunday and wore it two days straight. I love it so much. I had left my camera at a friend's, so I haven't had a chance to get a pic of me in it.

It has been a very busy weekend. Early Saturday morning I made it to Strings annual sale! I purchased this lovely Queensland "Katmandu" DK - ten skeins to make a lovely sweater I thought. I was going for the Ram's Horn Jacket out of Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature, but it didn't work. Then when I thought it might take time to find something for it, I found it, in the same book, "Turbulance U-Neck Pullover" my favorite sweater in the book rewarded me with same gauge, and I have more than enough yarn, that I may have to make the Sunflower tam! Might be too much to wear together, but smashing separately. I just found Knitting Nature KAL. I had to start working on it, so tempting when you get a color you love, a yarn that's simply scrumptious and on sale for half off, and a pattern it works for, yep, I am so on it.

Sunday hubby and I went to a pinball extravaganza at JeffCo Fairgrounds. Wow, did we have fun. We played some really cool machines, some old, some new and our fave, Medievil Madness. We had no idea that it was the coolest game there. It was nice when the lines died down and we had it to ourselves. Then people started watching us have so much fun. They were asking us all kinds of questions about the game. It was cool.

I must finish the summer.

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Deneen said...

I love your friends work-watching some stuff now!