Thursday, April 12, 2007

Contest and Friends and Memories

I will be giving a weekly hint about the contest.
I will post the hints on Mondays but will give you this one hint. There may be secret hints in my postings and sidebars. I will offer a non secret hint:
1. Do you like to be surprised?

My dear friend, Patti, came by to get me out of the "nest". She had told me she had some paint stuff to give me. I met her while I was a dept. mgr. for my local Michael's Store. We have the coolest relationship, we love to crochet, shop for yarn and talk. I was envisioning. paint stuff? Like those little bottles of discontinued acrylic craft paint and crafty stuff. Boy was I surprised! She knows me too well, how I love water based mediums and looky, looky what she brought me! Sets, Loew-Cornell and Royal Langnickel.....whoeee, baby, I am in watercolour heaven. Now she gets a painting from me.....I must tell you another secret, I won a Gold Key at the National Scholastic Art Awards Contest, first year for acrylics and my painting hung at the Guggenheim Museum. At the regional, I was the only woman on stage. Randall Compton, who was touted as the "next Audubon" and Dan Fogelberg were the two other gold key recipients for the year! It was the spring of 1970, after the summer of love and we were young, ambitious and joyful.

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Deneen said...

It must be so cool to be multi-talented and artsy-I am serious about this comment and it's not flip.

The contest is on-