Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Life

So I am coming out of a daze of realization. My daughter called me at 7:30 am, Monday morning to announce that she and my sil are going to have a baby. I was smiling, even though I was barely awake. I remember smiling alot. We tried to discuss colors. I only have so much time to make things. She remined me her house was mostly beiges, so I panicked last night and went through my stashes of upholstery, yarn, batiste, laces and came up with this, but, maybe Sarah told me that she was tired of beiges? I still thought, ooooo that striped upholstery fabric would make such a lovely crib skirt. Well, Sarah will have to decide something, because the mood is hitting me big time.

Then there is spring well on it's way. The tulips are exploding with color. Two of my sils have come and gone while spring break and Easter have been upon us. Sharon and Brandon only got to visit us during a layover at DIA, while Karen got to do a little celebrating with family. I cooked all day and we pigged out over Jamaican jerked pork chops, pea salad, mean mad greens, cornbread with honeybutter, strawberry creme dessert, almond lemon torte with blueberries and whipped cream. I love cooking for my family. Plus the fact that they are so kind to appreciate it so much. Now you know why I have barely knit the past three days.

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