Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Turbulence and Tpins

I get grumpy when instructions begin to die out and become vague, but I have alas, trugded on to knowing I may be able to cast on the sleeves tonite!

But first, I
decided to make a new blocking pad and needed to find a new stock of t-pins for blocking. Well, pins have certainly gone hi-tech. I couldn't even take a decent picture to capture all offered. I managed a Joanne's back in the late eighties, early nineties, I have say, I am grateful, there was less to merchandise back then! Everywhere I looked were more pins, on the end aisles, in the quilting department, virtually all over the place, but to find them in the knitting department, oh no, no blocking pins in site! I had to laugh and be thankful moved on to brighter things, like teaching for them. It really bugs me when things are not where they are supposed to be and when they are not even sold, so okay, flash back to the 70's, t-pins really do work nicely for blocking. And the blocking pad, well, a nice to the eye, blue 1/4 inch gingham, a layer of dense cotton batting and ironing board cover material for the back! I will just serge around it and call it good!

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm curiouser and curioser!! Is the clue about Shakespeare or about flowers? Liza