Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

Warhol now, Warhol then. His new logo, or should I say, new for me, I gotta say is pretty cool, I am sure Andy would approve! On this application, for my "new" purse, it is fascintating for me. The tag is thick, and it has a luminosity about it, due to its base and the yellow of the lining. I love the lining, it's bright and you can see what you are looking for in this great new purse. I have already dubbed it my new stash bag. Plus, it came with a banana ditty bag, which is also too cool! So, I knew something was up when my son called me from the Warhol Museum and was asking me a plethora of questions about what I liked about Andy Warhol and wow, I probably couldn't have picked out a better selection than he did for "Mother's Day." Yep, I get home after hubby takes me on a ten minute shopping spree (hubby picked me up late form work - he almost forgot me) at a great one day sale at our local Kohl's and I find me a desperately needed new purse (the big red one, yes, needles and project will fit), new summer hats, one for gardening, one for fun!

So, I get home and hubby's in the door first telling me, "Oh, a package, oh, it's from Josh!" I am thinking wow, what's up, maybe he's sent me his dustruffle to repair. yeah, the box looks the right size? So I grab a knife, open it and my heart starts to rapidly beat as I discover a really cool silver bag with the words, Andy Warhol, I am estatic. I first pull out the Marilyn Monroe Portrait Nite Lite (in another really cool silver bag, yep, that will work, then the really, really cool pink Campbell's Soup digital watch - it has red on pink digital display, which my son pointed out, he has never seen that before! Then, I get to the bag, , open it to a gorgeous yellow lining and then notice the banana key chain holder on the side no need to repeat anymore!

My son must know me or it's in the genes, because he picked up all the cool brochures (which I would have done to scapbook.) What caught my eye was the menu, a cute little pink thing, I loved the menu! I dig on menus because I was brought up in the resturant business (grandpa owed three, and I worked two-the cafeteria across from the courthouse, and the gourmet out on the lake.) Grandpa was president of the Illinois Resturant Association and the local boilermakers for years. He was a great man and served on the Peoria City Mission Board as director for years. Anytime I see I menu, I think of grandpa. Grandpa would gather up the men in the family on holidays and cater in the meals to serve the destitute. It was a great lesson I will always hold dear, I love you grandpa, you have been sorely missed for 36 years now, onto a greater glory, I am so joyous that he is in a better place!

I also loved a letter of rejection found inside the cool bag. It was so intreging and written to Andy from a famous museum rejecting his donation of a work called "Shoe." The letter was writtin in 1956 and little did this famous museum know! It was a real inspiration to me thinking of persons who have decided to reject me for one reason or another - does it really matter? The letter put a very nice smile on my face with more appreciation, gratefulness for myself and what I have accomplished and persons who do love, nuture and appreciate others and give honor to God who is the beginning of all inspiration!

Did I mention, I love my son, Josh, he is a great guy, lives around Pittsburg, and is single, looking for a long-term/married relationship? I also pray for him everyday and am very encouraged by him everytime we speak. We are seriously thinking about doing a podcast of our artsy/fartsy conversations.

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Deneen said...

What a terrific, thoughtful son you have there!