Friday, May 04, 2007

My oldest boy lives around Pittsburg, PA. He's one cool dude. I told him about the Andy Warhol Museum and how I could not wait to go and visit him and how he would have to take me to see the place. So he has been there three times or so? This time he calls me from the place asking me all kinds of questions about what I have told him about Andy's paintings, and the one's I like. So, he goes home, calls me and tells me to open my email. Low and behold, I am so jealous, but thankful to have such a great son to send me great pics! So I linked these first three pics to his photobucket if anyone wants to check out more of Andy's art. Son says the art is rotated out and new is put in everytime he has visited. It's so nice to see works I have never seen of Andy Warhol.

Then, just because Cara has inspired me so, and I love green, I picked this Perrier painting to mess around with, pretty nice!


Anonymous said...

Once, I was in Boston and was visiting Old North Church. I called my mom to wish her a happy Mother's Day. She was so envious that I was standing in a place of history like that. But she got over it. :)

I like the green Perrier painting you showed and the way you changed it.

Sam said...

Hi Terri,
I love how you have turned this Perrier image into a mosaic. How did you do it? I think it is a great approach for figuring out colour combinations for fair isle sweaters.
PS - Thanks for visiting my blog, and your kind words. :)