Friday, May 18, 2007

Turbulence Calmed

All is calm on the Turbulence U-Neck Pullover, it is done! I love the fit, it suits me well, and I am happy to say, "finished!" The sleeves did come out a little longer than I had measure (they are supposed to three-quarter length) my came out between full length and 3/4s. I like it though, because I love a pushed up sleeve, so it works for me. I really loved doing the half-twisted ribbing, it made the ribbing more detailed looking. There were other surprises in the design, like the make one at the cuffs to the elbow were by making a stitch between two stitches which created a lovely yarn over hole on both sides of the seam. And the neck was fun, applied after sewing together the front and back on one side and then picking up stitches along neckline in a knit, knit, purl bind-off for the three rows added! Well, back to the lacy summer knit sweater.

My good friend Patty and I have been walking since the weather has finally broke around here! I have been taking some lovely photo shoots to use for painting. I particularly love these two just taken two days ago. One of the creek and the close up of the bird. The other photo is of the bird before I enlargened and cropped.
Okay, maybe you have seen this, but I thought this jacket was worth talking about. Linda Mendelson is kinda doing a Madame Defarge type of jacket now, wouldn't ya say? I have seen a lot of knitted word in work lately, but I love this one. I love the cut and it is so visually interesting, as is her other things, she is inspiring....her color work is exceptional!

I had a lot of fun yesterday. Another friend talked me into teaching her grown deaf daughter to sew. We got a very good start on a baby quilt. My friend called me this morning just to tell me how much fun they both had! She said I was a blessing! I told her that she and her daughter were blessing to me! I had taken sign language in college and I remembered some of it. I struggle with reading, not so much with signing. I can't figure that one out being the visual person I am? It is something I think is kinetic with me, I have to be feeling the motion, interesting?