Friday, May 18, 2007

More Mother's Day, More Stash

I have been collecting "Memoirs" by Berroco in the lovely color, chantilly. My fav Koigu, P118, and a couple of green 50/50 wool/acrylic for some footie socks for around the home. my girlfriend Patty and I have been hanging out for about three years now and love hitting the yarn sales! I got all these skeins for forty percent off! Exception: Koigu.

I got home from shopping to find this nice surprise in the mail! A very lovely card and a very nice gift, a bookmarker. I immediately put it in my well, worn Bible. I love it, it has a dragonfly and pretty flowers! It suits me well. My darling daughter-in-law knows me well! I thank my son and dil for a lovely surprise today! I get to go see them in Wyoming at the end of the month for my grandson's birthday! Yippee! My most favorite place on the earth! Wyoming, beautiful, beautiful Wyoming, it calls me!

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Norah said...

Great stuff!

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