Sunday, June 17, 2007

Estes Park Wool Festival, The Animals - Part Two

Okay, I was in love with all the animals. I could have stayed with the animals the whole time, forget the yarn....Did I say that? I just love these animals. My husband keeps investigating investing in these animals one day. Yes, it would be nice to put my English Shepard to work. But I was very sad to not see any goats, maybe they were there, and of course, I did not ask. I am such a ditsy person that way, always forgetting the important stuff.

But gosh, just one look at their eyes and I just want to take them all home. I talked to them all and they too, agreed I would be nice to come home with and to love.

And then there was this stylin' one just strutin' the walkway, ever so unique, you'd think he'd won it all just in looks alone! He remined me of my childhood doggy, Willie, the pekingese, same coloring and ooooh , those adorable brown eyes!

What about this freshly shampooed llama? What a glorious color he was!

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Hege said...

Lucky you! That not only looks like so much fun, but the location is breathtaking!