Sunday, June 17, 2007

Estes Park Wool Market - The Market - Part Three

It was so much bigger than I remembered from , what, like 15 years ago? I went and bought some beautiful Ironstone mohain in a rich sapphire blue with glorious fleck of pink, white and black.

Fast forward to 2007, WOW, Dorothy, I don't think were in Kansas anymore, so much more to see. I totally was so frenzied at Brooks Farm, I forgot to take pictures, or did I?

This first booth had the cutest stuff to collect and the yarn was great also.

Then I came across some vintage collectables, I saw this mag and thought, yeap, I remember doing my hair that way, which to me describes the ultimate bad hair day!

And then the little porcelains and glass sheep, just too cute.

Interlacements, yes, there's Judy L. Ditmore in the bottom right-hand corner! I love her yarns! The mohair just barely, barely sheds and the colors are trippin' the light fantastic! People were moving fast in her booth! She was printing off patterns like crazy!

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Deneen said...

I am so jealous of everything, the scenery, the wool, the animals.....