Sunday, June 17, 2007

Estes Park Wool Festival - Part Three continued

Okay, where was I? I was almost late to church this morning, this yarn stuff can really get me into trouble, but I did arrive early. And hopefully I will get through my postings for this event!

So, here I am getting my pic with Judy L. Ditmore of Interlacements and purchasing!

Whole lot of felting going on in several places. These dolls were being oooed and ahhhed over. I had to ask persons to please let me get a shot in, and they were very polite to let me in!

The Orenberg lace(green scarf) and Quivet(Blue labels) were so kinetic, much pawing and ahhhhing! And, what was that self striping laceweight called!@#$? I am dying here! All high end, but reasonable in the Skaska Designs Limited booth.

Oh, I forgot about the roving in the the llama tent, this Paco-Vicunas roving, especially breed....Tamara and I swore it had silk in it, so how do you cross a silk worm with a llama? How do you not want to stop touching it or buy it ($25.00 an ounce, duh)! LOL We thought it might be superb to Quivet? These babies were very well cared for!


Deneen said...

Neat-the necklace you made looks great on too!

Jen said...

Those llamas are so cute! Thanks for sharing your photos!