Friday, June 15, 2007

Over the edge without a camera

Alot of my flowers did not get documented as I desired, but I am getting such good pictures, it has been so worth the wait!
This is my favorite flower - delphinium (Larkspur) in my favorite color! Behind them are the almost spent cherry colored peonies. Yep, they are hangin' their heads with great heaviness. I saw these peony cages, next year, maybe?

So not havin' a camera for over a week has been rather theraputic, but I was so jonesin' for one! I was able to complete two pair of socks and a crocheted necklace! Phew, the Jaywalkers, by Grumperina have been started over 6 times, I really lost count. The main reason is because of the way I read patterns. Grumperina says to continue pattern, and I was use to wording that says, "repeat last two rows!" Well, I should have known knitting anything lacey, you seem to always just knit a row between, duh! I guess it's the years of crochet that mess with me and especially with a ripple pattern, in crochet every row is the same! Opal's PRISMA is the yarn I purchased last summer at Colorful Yarns

Then I gladly, joyously introduce my own design, "The Larkspur Hikers" I will name them. I love a tall sock, no skimpy short socks for me! Many patterns and edges, and techniques inspired this design, and I have to give credit to the yarn, Trekking 166! I purchased the yarn at The Lamb Shoppe.

Then there is the Uffizi in Berroco's Boho yarn which I bought at 15% off this month at Knitting Habitat. I crocheted it Sunday and wore to the 5@5(fifth service at 5pm) church service. I immediately received a compliment as I have every where I wore the the thing - Safeway, Walmart, ....I didn't think it would be such a big deal. You know, compliments are hard to come by these days!

So I am having a blast with the 10X zoom and even thougth this camera doe not have the stabliztion feature the other one did (that's why its is so much cheaper than others) I love it! I really, really love it. I can still get the nice detail of my stitches and flowers!

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