Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy Weekend or The Birthing of a Skein

Saturday was a blast! Remember the batting that Tam bought at Estes Park Wool Market?

Tamara came over to surprise/show me the homespun she spun for my birthday(July 20 - two days after hers)! We proceeded to get it off of the spool (that bat filled the entire spool)!

We then weighed it, it came in at a whooping 6 and 5/8ths oz.!

She then showed me how she ties it off of the knittyknotty. Then we washed it with my fav concoction of Palmovive Lavendar and YlangYlang and the added punch of eucalyptus oil with more lavendar and ylang ylang! And looky here what dried up nice and soft over night! It is maybe my perfect green? Now, what to knit it into? Did I ever tell that I am in search of the perfect green yarn? I think I may have found it!!!!

I was so excited at one point, I was tryng to ask Tamara the age old question of remembering what the difference between a skein and a hank was and I OPPS! I called it a skank, poor skien, poor hank! Where is this one going? Is that German or Norwegish?

Then we went shopping. Two stores were celebrating their one year anniversary. It was my first visti to Posh. Sylvia Montoya has a fantastic eclectic choice of yarns. Tamara got som lovely roving, the bright bubblegum colorway in the middle She (we) had the hardest time choosing which one, we had narrowed it down to about four and settled. During the time we were invited to share in the festitvies by indulging with a piece of Italian Creme cake, I was boiled over!

I was looking for some varigated bamboo to do the Dream Swatch from Knit and Tonic, and settled for a lovely green hemp (not varigated ;( . Then I found some Tofutsies in the summery "Foot the Bill" colorway. Also I found the green hemp....Elsebeth Lavolds Hempathy, a whooping 153 yds of 34% hamp, 41% cotton, and 25% modal! Yep, that's what I am making the Dream Swatch by Wendy Bernard (you gotta love this girl, she a real giggle a day!) Finally I was talked into purchasing the lovely Katia Ingenua mohair blend in the 29 green color. On the way to Knitting Habitat, I just had to cast on for some sockies, what do you get with you cross monkey socks with Tofuties yarn? Yeah, think about it. Did I mention that the Tofuties yarn is made with crabs (shell)....okay, that's a bad joke!

Also, Tam had brought me over some varitgated Berroco Varigated Cotton Twist in the secret garden color, which I had some coordinating dicontinued same varigated colorway of a Glace and then bunch of it in a discontinued dark green. When we got to Knitting Habitat, Gina and Terri (see her with her new addition to the family in the pic below) had some Plume FX colors in another coordinating colorway called Evolution! God, why don't I make a Dream Swatch out of the cotton twist? Did I mention I picked put two more skeins of Memoirs in chantilly. I really love Berroco yarns, can you tell?

Enough already....all this yarn and so little time. I am almost finished with the second Big Black Sock (BBS) in a women's size this time. I even won some yarn for making some casual women's Socks for Soldiers, yippee! I will have to post a pic of this yarn, it is summery, loverly, melony! I can't wait to get it on the sticks. And then I just had to sit down and crochet me up another necklace, this time in sterling silver! I am calling it "Heavens and the Earth." Thanks God for all the really good inspiration you bless us with!


Deneen said...

All this yarn, spinning talk has me envious once again!

I love the necklace, it's gorgeous~

Hege said...

What a beautiful necklace! And so many yarn goodies! :)