Friday, July 06, 2007

Colorful Fourth of July!!!!

Tamara spun away on that roving she purchased at Posh last Saturday! Oh, there's that great pin she bought at Estes Park Wool Market! Wow, here's the yarn, all plied(by two) and skeined up!

After we BBQ'd and ate, Tam showed me the illness of onesockitis. Yes, we need to pray for other's out there suffering! lol....they sure are pretty, even without their mates, boohoo! It reminds me of an old Rich Hall sniglet: Do you know where those lost laundry socks go? TO THE HOSEZONE!!!! Up, up and away! Oh yeah, got the small pair of socks for soldiers done and the casual pair (melon summer colors) got finished today and I just started it's mate. Yes, those are all partnerless sockies Tam is holding and yes, she's smiling!

Than I heard another new local yarn store (LYS) opened up calle "Xtreme Knitting" on Holly and Leetsdale. It's almost like an epidemic of yarn happening here in the Mile High. Oh, I finally got some yarn to do my 5280 sock pattern for the challenge! I also cam home with another bag of stash, from Tam's, this time for some hats for socks for soldiers and I think I found a nice color for the 5280 sockies!

Thanks to Aurora for the firework pics! Nice show it was!


Hege said...

Gorgeous yarn, I love those colors. And who says socks have to match? I say wear them anyway! :)

Pooch said...

Are those fireworks or your brain on yarn? Just wonderin' since the colors are so vibrant! ;)


N. Maria said...

Just look at all that fun! Your Socks For Soldiers are perfect!

Kari said...

Love the yarn and cool socks! Also, neat pictures of the fireworks.