Saturday, July 21, 2007


Ravelry has been taking up some time here! I have started five groups: Summer Socks, Itsy Bitsy, Beaded, Granny Squares and Ripples! Summer Socks is alot of fun, Beaded is gorgeous, Itsy Bitsy is so sweet (infants only) Granny Squares is just wild with color and Ripples, well, I just started it last night and don't really know, I will have to go looky! I have met some very talented people and can't wait to post about them! There's even a pair of Granny Square earrings (I may have to make a pair today!) So that's what the new buttons on my side bar are all about! So now you know my loves and themes! God, should I start one with Bob Dylan fans?

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Sally said...

Hey Terri, thanks for your comment! I did indeed join Grannies; in fact, I'll be going out to purchase some Caron to start some more afghans today. :o)