Thursday, September 20, 2007

Knittin' and Quiltin'

I am trying to complete another pair of Jaywalkers, this time in Fortissama Colori Disco Socka Color, color 01, a nice denim blue with lines of various greens! There are also specks of metallic for that cutesy glitter effect! I am also teaching a quilting class. M'liss Ray Hawley's "Quilt Interrupted" from her book, Phenomenal fat quarters quilts. I chose a warm pale aqua some monos and some with contrasting peach and orange flowers. The lattice I have not decided to go darker aqua or a tea stained color. I am leaning for a tea stained color and a lighter, warm, more vintage look to this quilt.

I will have completed 13 socks if I finish these jaywalkers this 2007 summer(the June 18 (Summer Soltice at 3:06 pm) to the Autumnal Equinox, Sept 23 (9:51am)! I am dying to complete them for my group, Summer Socks, in Ravelry and those are the rules for counting the pairs of socks made this year!

I have been cleaning my sewing room and those are my blue ribbons I have won on my work table. I have been cleaning them to remount!

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