Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boulder Knit Out and Socks, New Stash

It was a beautiful day for Boulder Knit Out. I found Ravelry sisters, please identify yourselves, I didn't take notes, but clockwise, I am on the top left, Michelle (Denver Downtown SNB Yahoo Group), Fiber Fool, ?, Lindsey(Group Leader of Denver SNB Yahoo Group) and Pollyanna Sunshine and the Needle of Doom. There were many more, Cheryl Oberle, Black Water Abbey and more. It was very exciting to see what everyone was working on or wearing! We even had time to turn on some people to knitting!!!!

Then, Tamara and I went shopping at Shuttles, Skeins and Spins and Mew Mew's. What wonderful eyecandy and then some stash.

I finished a great pair of socks! I used a size 0 Boye aluminum set of 4 dpns, cast on of 72, 4 inch ribbed cuff. They are made with this fantastic Lang Yarns, Jawoll, Aktion. I love the color of the yarn!!!!!


Anonymous said...

FYI we're the "Denver DOWNTOWN stitch n Bitch"

Terri Lynn said...

Gotchs, I corrected it!

Anonymous said...

Nice peektures! I don't post much stuff on my blog because I don't want to. :)

Anonymous said...

I missed the Knit-Out; for some reason I thought it was the next Saturday, and since I had to work that one I just put it out of my head. next time, though!