Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Stash

Upper left is Cascade Alpaca found by my friend, Tam! She bought a bag of "trash" just to dig this out of it! All for $5.00! The rest is from Coppopellia's Shivering Sheep. Love the KKK, The Tapestry, the Taglitalia(Colinette) the Choo Chho(CPY) and just yummy stuff, saved over $150!!! All for $40. Just inspiring stuff from this shop in the Cherry Creek Shopping District. Very up scale, little shop and so very friendly! Loved her new lettering deco! I'd like to introduce you to Shellie, she's so nice!!!! I showed her my socks and she would like me to teach! She also sells supplies and kits for tapestry needlepoint that is simply outstanding! She have some very unique yarns! It's so fun to shop Cherry Creek!

Then we went up to Morrison Inn to hear a friend play the afternoon away! I loved the open deck patio and check out the turtle! Reminds me of the Collinette I just purchased!

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