Monday, December 31, 2007

Dos Ripples

by Terri Lynn Watson
This scarf is a modified version of Tres Ripples. It is shorter and narrower and does not wrap around once with an overhand tie for added warmth around your neck. It is over a yard long. I named it Dos Ripples because it has two repeats to form two ripples! This is a very fast crochet taking approximately 10 hours to complete, including the fringing and beading!
Size G Crochet Hook
300 yards worsted weight.
I used Interlacements Dyer's Choice:
Fiber Content100% merino wool
YardageApproximately 300 yd/4.5 oz skein
TypeWorsted US 5-7 @ 4-5 st/inch

Measure out 10 feet of yarn to reserve for fringed ends.
40 assorted matching color glass beads, size 6-8 approximately needed for beading fringe.

Chain 20, turn.
Row 1. From third chain from hook(counting one on hook)working back loops across chain, *sc in next three chains, work 3 sc in next chain(top of ripple), 3 sc in next three chains, skip next two chains(bottom of ripple). Repeat** to last two chains. Skip next stitch, sc in last stitch bak loop. Ch 2, turn.
Row 2. Skip first two sc,working between sc of previous row(spaces),*sc in between next three spaces, work 3 sc in next space(top of ripple), skip next two spaces(bottom of ripple) sc in between next three spaces* repeat** to last two chains. Skip next stitch, sc in last stitch. Ch 2, turn.
Repeat Row 2.
Cut 20, 6" lengths of yarn from yarn reserved for fringe. Loop in half and with crochet hook, pull through stitches on one end of scarf, yarn over the end of halfed length of yarn and pull through loop, tighted loop. Repeat across 27 bottom stitches. Repeat for other end. Place beads on yarn using looped dental floss. Place yarn through loop, place bead on straight end and slide bead on yarn, remove dental floss. Knot yarn below bead varying placement on yarn.
Wash and block if needed. Wear proudly!

Version II of Dos Ripples:
Repeat same as above chaining and doing rows one and two, but on the next two rows, introduce a new color. Work the colors every other two rows and carrying the ends up the side working them into the chain two stitches and then switching colors every two rows. I made the second scarf in the picture this way, with two colors of miscellanous worsted weight merino stash yarn my girlfriend contributed.

Italian Ripples:
Same as above but without beads and the fringe is knotted at ends to prevent fraying. I also knotted a pattern into the fringe on one by knotting two strands one inch down and across for three rows on the taupe/green scarf. I forgot what yarn I used and will try to find out. It was a cotton wovwn/chainette yarn that needed to be knotted at the end or it would unravel.

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