Friday, December 28, 2007

This is so grand!

See what to knit with big knitting needles?

Thanks Flocks, er, Christien Meindertsma's Flocks Pouf (2006) is hand knit using strong wool from New Zealand crossbred sheep.

It looks as if Christien makes some news wiwth her art exhibits!

She even takes journaling to a new height! She is taking photos of the sheep which supplied her with the yarn to knit items and these photos are then provided to her customers purchasing her items!

She wins awards as you can see, I love her simple, elegant style, and then the button she uses is the sheep's tag! How clever! She truly inspires me. I think I will do a painting today of a sheep, or some sheep!

But for now, I accomplished making a scarf and a bag on Christmas. I had started the scarf last year when my darling daughter gifted me at Christmas with some lovely RY Cashsoft DK in a mushroom color of taupe. Hubby hadn't showered and shaved because of snow day! The pattern is from Scarf Style, Vintage Velvet....gone Cashsoft!

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Oiyi said...

Vintage velvet is a great scarf. Someone made me one in baby alpaca.