Sunday, December 02, 2007

On a roll

I was quite busy working on the stage set I designed for a four-part month of Christmas mini musicals called Christmas Backwards(going from modern dayto the 50s to Victorian and ending at Bethelehem.) I got to film part one last nite! I can't wait to post the pictures.

Before I left for Tulsa, I completed this ripple scarf which I will dub, Dos Ripples, a smaller version of Tres Ripples. I received a lace yarn order from Knit Picks. some I gave away or traded off, this is what I kept. I also picked up some more Superfine Alpaca to make a beret and scarf.

Hubby and I flew to Tulsa for his father's 90th birthday. We ate at a homestyle resturant called the Flying Roll Ranch. We were served from the kitchen pots and thrown hot rolls! I got to see the wonderful entirely lighted campus of Rhema Bible Church and College with synchronated music! It is just as spectacular as Disney's Parade of Lights without the fireworks.

I went stashing at Stitches and LOOPS. I knitted with the LOOPS Tuesday night sock group and then went on to the Panera Bread Tuesday night knit group via Ravelry! it was all a lot of kinetics for me(I forgot to take my camera)!!!!! As you can see I am on a Tagliatelli kick, and a very exciting deal on Colinette for a dollar a skein at The Lamb Shoppe! I gifted a LOOPS nail file and the lovely denimy Magallenes to my friend Tamara (as soon as I saw it, it had her name all over it).

Shellie's shawl (the one I crocheted the border blocked out way to lovely) she adored it I am happy to say! I was glad to pick up some Lorna's Lace in the colors of my blog at Shellie's (Coppellia's Shivering Sheep). I also got two more green colors of Lime n Violet, plus some mohair.

I got on a big beading kick for two days during which taught a One Stroke class (did I mention I am teaching Donna Dewberry and watercolors at my local Jo Ann Fabrics?) I also finished the third part of a quilting class series! I have lots of classes coming up in January.

I am on my fourth skein of yarn on my Goldilock(formerly Lady Eleanor). I have also managed to crochet two ripple scarves! One if the ripples is for Ravelry's Scarf Exchange group. The scarf is going to kwachta in Hamiton, Ontario! I have a boxes of goodies to be mailed out this Monday to several persons! I will post about them after I know they have received them!


Deneen said...

You are on a roll, ya show off!

The stitch markers came out gorgeous, you are so talented.

Sam said...

The stitch markers are lovely and nicely packaged.